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Day Care 
Never feel guilty about leaving your furry family member at your home by themselves for the day again. Whether you are at work for the day, have a few errands to run, or simply just want your furry friend to have a play day and run off some energy, we cover it all. 

We have a flexible schedule to fit your needs. You can drop of anytime after 7:30 am and pick up anytime before dark , 7 days a week . We also offer pick up and delivery on Mon.  and Fri. for some areas. Pick up and delivery are a small extra charge. 

During their stay, your furry friend will have full access to all natural, organic food and water. They have a 2 acre, fenced in yard that is fully doggie friendly. They can come inside any time they please to warm up, cool down, or simply relax and watch some television.
We are unlike some other facility's which charge for potty breaks, play sessions, and group play sessions. At Utopia Animal Care all this comes at the regular day care charge.

Please call for rates and reservations:

This page was last updated: February 20, 2013