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Obedience Training 
Here at Utopia Animal Care our goal is to take care of every aspect of your pet's life. We offer training for every age, from puppy to adult.

Debbie has over 20 years of House breaking and Alpha Obedience training/rehabilitation experience. She has fine tuned her techniques, observing behavior and body language, communicating while carefully assessing the needs of your pet.

Using the Alpha method she works one on one with your dog  to set boundaries and teach basic obedience skills and over all  to strive for a good relationship with their owner. Your dog should never be scared of you but should simply look at you as the alpha in their pack.  

Remember bad dogs weren't born they were created by lack of understanding.

We not only work with your furry family member, but also with you to establish good communication.  Your dog should be a part of your family but should also have a set of rules and boundaries similar to a child.  We begin by having you, the owner, make a list of issues you and your dog are having.It is not uncommon for dogs to act very different in their own home environment, which is why when training is complete we come to your home with the dog and go over all they have learned in their training and observe the new interaction between all family members.. This allows us to see any problems which may simply be a communication or territorial issue. 

Alpha Obedience is a minimum 2 week course and your dog will not be released until Debbie feels training is complete.  Refresher classes are also available.

Please contact Debbie for rates and reservations: (502)649-7431

This page was last updated: February 20, 2013